Spa Maintenance Program

Diamond Heating and Spas is pleased to advise you of the Hot Tub Maintenance Program we offer in the valley.

Our Hot Tub Maintenance includes:

Qualified Service Technicians

Testing and balancing of the water in the hot tub. Rinsing of filter when required (access to water must be available for the technician to do this).

Overall hot tub maintenance so the hot tub is clean and ready for you and your guests. Feedback from us as to when your water needs changing or any other problems the technicians may encounter.

Maintenance is available on a weekly or bi-weekly basis depending on the  customer’s requirements. The customer should
be aware that they are responsible for maintenance after each use and in between our regular hot tub maintenance visits.

A key as well as alarm codes are required for the technician to gain access to water and the electrical panel so maintenance can be completed as scheduled.

Hot Tub Water Change Service includes:

Draining the hot tub water, cleaning the hot tub surface, cover, and rinsing filters, refilling and balancing the water (access to water and electrical must be available for the technician).

Listed below are other hot tub services that may be of benefit to you now or in the future.


  • Cable Lock (to secure the hot tub) Call for pricing
  • Hot Tub Inspection
  • Hot Tub Start-Up
  • Water Change
  • Water Change incl. Swirl Away Treatment
  • Hot Tub Winterization
  • Hot Tub Winterization – client drains the hot tub
  • Delivery & removal of hot tub cover

We  presently provide this service for more than 100 hot tubs in the valley and would be happy to provide this service for you as well. Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Just a quick note to thank-you for the prompt attention and quick repair to our hot-tub last week….making us glad to have bought local!

Thanks so much! Please let Rick know he is the best! It is very nice to have a “hot” tub again.

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