Welcome to Diamond Heating & Spas!

Diamond Heating & Spas has been servicing the Columbia Valley Region for over 25 years. Located three hours South-West of Calgary in Invermere, British Columbia, Diamond Heating & Spas provides a complete range of indoor and outdoor products and services including: Air-conditioning, heat pumps, sheet metal, fireplaces, stoves, hot tubs, outdoor furniture, chemicals and so much more! We also offer weekly or bi-weekly Spa Maintenance and Spa Servicing.
Our mission is to develop and maintain a successful and professional business known as the “best” by providing an environment that enables growth, learning opportunities, challenging work and an ability to accomplish goals.

  • Highly respected reputation of professionalism – known as the best.
  • To provide strong leadership from the ownership group.
  • Profitability and success for the business.
  • Having a work environment that enables staff to meet growth potential, and offer learning opportunities and experience.
  • Taking actions to accomplish goals.
  • Challenging work.

Keeping the Valley Cool in summer & Warm in winter

Rick Burke and Paul Digney own Diamond Heating & Spas in Invermere, B.C.

Digney was hired by former owner John Dunnebacke in 1996, and soon earned his Red Seal journeyman sheet-metal worker certification. Burke started working there in 1998, as a stopgap while he looked for another business to get into. Burke and Digney said that they enjoy both the work itself and the upbeat nature of the work, and that’s why they’ve stayed with it.

“The people we meet are great, they are excited about getting something new or upgraded in their home, so it’s a positive experience for everyone,” said Burke.

Progress brings more regulations

The technology in heating systems, fireplaces and hot tubs has changed considerably in the past 15 years, with a lot more rules, regulations and conditions that have to be met. Digney said that heating and ventilation efficiencies have changed also, as there are more demands for high-efficiency furnaces including heat pumps — an efficient heating and cooling technology here in the Valley.

“The fireplaces are high performance,” Burke said, “but you still have to be diligent — you’re putting a box of fire inside a home, so you have to know what you’re doing and be aware of following the regulations and codes.”

Burke is WETT (Wood Energy Technical Training program) certified, and oversees the planning and installation of fireplaces. Diamond Heating & Spas employs a team of Red Seal sheet-metal workers with HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) training, as well as experienced and trained fireplace, hot tub service and maintenance technicians.

“That’s reassuring for the customer who hires us,” said Digney. “They can trust that we have the proper experience and training to do the job right.”

More focus on service

Diamond Heating & Spas trained and qualified technicians and maintenance staff are here to assist in any way they can.

“With the ever changing economy and the number of new builds fluctuating, the service end of our business has become even more important” said Burke.

The partners agree on the biggest reasons for the company’s success — they have exceptional hard working staff and a showroom/storefront in Invermere rather than just service trucks.

Burke said hot tubs continue to sell at a steady rate. The population in the Invermere area — even the senior component — is still an active one, and after a day of play they appreciate a restorative soak in their hot tub—especially if it’s one with a therapeutic system. It’s a comforting and valuable retreat.

“We have a presence in the town,” Burke said. “We have nine employees and we’re open six days a week. People know that they can phone us or drop by when they have questions, and they will find someone who will talk with them and assist them.”

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