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For centuries people have appreciated the magic of Natural Hot springs as places to relax and heal both body and mind. Canada has some of the most beautiful natural hot springs anywhere in the world and we celebrate this natural phenomena and healing tradition.

What our customers are saying...

Just a quick note to thank-you for the prompt attention and quick repair to our hot-tub last week….making us glad to have bought local!

I wanted to thank you so very much for your hard work in getting our hot tub in place before last weekend. OMG!!  What a nice surprise that was!!  I was so happy!

Thanks so much! Please let Rick know he is the best! It is very nice to have a “hot” tub again.

Fantastic – thank you so much. You’ve been super helpful, I don’t know what I would be putting in the pool if I hadn’t come to see you 🙂

Thanks again for the wonderful experience purchasing the fire place and hot tub! Just getting it to temperature and ready for the complementary wine! Ha! Thanks April and Rick! I have already sent interest your way with many friends!

I just wanted to say thank you again for the effort you’ve gone through to get out little family set up with a hot tub! We are very happy to have this nice to luxury on our deck!

JACUZZI®: Discover our rich legacy

Design, Quality, and Performance. From the perfect placement of PowerPro® Jets to the optimal positioning of the body in ergonomic seats, a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub delivers the ultimate hydrotherapy massage.

Now featuring the Jacuzzi Play Series!

We can order any Jacuzzi® Hot Tub!


HYDROPOOL: Our Experience Speaks for Itself

We have made it our goal to be the best manufacturer of hot tubs and swim spas in the world. To ensure we reach this lofty goal, we surround ourselves with the best people. Every member of our team is dedicated to excellence. As a company, we reward innovation and creative thought. We listen and respond to the feedback of team members and customers who provide us with valuable ideas, and we offer professional development opportunities to all members of our team so they can continue to excel at their work. Our dealers are similarly trained to listen to your needs and help you select the best product for your lifestyle and budget.

We can order any Hydropool Hot Tub!

Serenity 5500

Serenity 4000

Serenity 5 Special Edition

495 – 4 Person Hot Tub

H20 SPAS: Durable, Serviceable, Dependable

We pride ourselves on building the industry’s most DURABLE, SERVICEABLE and DEPENDABLE spas.

DURABLE: Lasting for a long time, especially without sustaining damage or wear. H2OSpas are built to give years of use even in harsh Canadian  winters.

SERVICEABLE: “Suitable for everyday use yet easily maintained. A testament to our unsurpassed quality is the ability to reach anywhere in the spa to address any problem that may occur. Accessability is important,that is why we have made it easy for your technician to service the spa.”

DEPENDABLE: “Able to be trusted or depended on. We manufacture using quality components that have proven themselves over time. We buy from leading North American suppliers to ensure ongoing availabilty and continuity of parts during the life of your spa.”

We can order any H2O Spa!

The Banff Premium Spa

The Radium Premium Spa

The Tofino Traditional Spa

Fraser Traditional Spa

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